Selah סֶלָה‎, (selāh) is a word used seventy-four times in the Hebrew Bible—seventy-one times in the Psalms and three times in Habakkuk. It is a word that cannot be directly translated into English, but is believed to be the musical version of “Amen”. It is always at the end of a phrase in scripture that is meant to be sung and emphasized.

Selah Christian Performing Arts Academy is a non-profit academy that exists solely to help children and youth find their God-Given talents within the performing arts in a Christian setting. We believe that God has given everyone the gift of being able to express ourselves in beautiful ways through performing arts. The academy will offer several training sessions throughout the year teaching the art of dancing, singing, acting, playing instruments, and other genres. We believe that:

The arts promote creativity, thinking, and joy
The arts offer different ways to express one’s self
The arts are a wonderful way to share the Gospel
The arts promote self esteem and self worth
The arts help engage and connect people with one another

If you have a child that is interested in finding and developing their gifts and talents, send us a message with your information and the class they are interested in. Classes will be taught on campus at Faithbridge United Methodist Congregation located at 109 E. Avenue B in Heavener, OK. Our office number is (918) 653-2232.

After each training session, students will be given the opportunity to share what they’ve learned in a ministry setting.  Tuition is FREE and equipment, costumes and anything else needed will be provided.

Selah Dance Classes are Seasonal.  Check back for our Spring schedule to learn a dance for Palm Sunday.


For more information, email or call (918)653-2232.