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Good news is we are opening Sunday January 24 at Faithbridge UMC and observing safe gathering practices! The theme is all about fishing! See you Sunday at 11:00  am . . .

Faithbridge Sermon Video September 27, 2020


Sermon Video September 20, 2020

Obstacles to Forgiveness Series Part II

“Overcoming Bitterness” link below . . .

August 16 message link below:


August Series: Acts of Prayer




Spiritual Gifts Series part II June 14, 2020:

Click the link below to access our Faithbridge UMC  5 minute blessing of the 2020 Graduates, followed by our June Sermon Series Kickoff — which is a 22 minute introduction to a series on Spiritual Gifts from  a Trinitarian Christian perspective – Part One:


May God’s peace, the grace of Christ and the power of the Spirit  be with you today!

Pastor Ricky

I am excited about our relaunch of new face to face Sunday Morning worship services starting June 7 at 11:00 am. Consider this your personal invitation to join us when you are able. Guidelines for best practices in worship gatherings are found online here . Hard copies of our health and safety guidelines are updated regularly and are available at the church. Public health best practice  is in place. Knowing this, you can always worship safely at Faithbridge United Methodist Church.   We are located just north of your local community public library. The Faithbridge church address is 109 E Avenue B in Heavener, OK.

It is exciting to announce our JUNE SERIES ON SPIRITUAL GIFTS as we learn to BE and DO church in new ways going forward! Join us at 11:00 am Sunday mornings in person or online at our Faithbridge UMC website or find the latest message video  at our Faithbridge UMC Facebook Page!

In Christ,

Pastor Ricky Huggins


Check out our Facebook page for additional video and updates like this Memorial Day Mission Moment…

May 24 Message- Early disciples give us an example of “waiting well” after Jesus ascended into heaven… Luke 24; Acts 1 . . . 

Between Acts- Be Waiting Well



March 20: Early Christian gathering during times of Social Difficulties is nothing new.  The early church we read of in Acts 2 developed and grew during such a time as this. I want to encourage you to  follow directions of  the CDC and heed the most current recommendations of other health agencies and authorities in your area. For in so doing you are keeping the great commandment to which Christ pointed, that of  loving your neighbor. Current troubles get resolved faster when we work together this way and then we can gather freely again even sooner.

Meanwhile I invite you to check our website  and click on SHORT VIDEO UPDATES  like this one regularly here at Faithbridge UMC. We are developing more online offerings and opportunities to gather in online faith communities. Soon you will be seeing regular short video posts I will be providing.

I invite you to email me your topics of interest. What faith issues you would like to hear addressed? Christian conversation and dialogue is still possible through  the wonderful technology we have today. I may not be able to address every topic promptly, but I will offer informed Christian reflection on the main topics that people are concerned with during these times  when large gatherings are discouraged. Send your questions or topics to and I will address them as soon as possible.

For example, how do we make sense of a God of love and mercy and grace when in the midst of seemingly enormous amounts of suffering and evil in the world? Know my responses will most likely not be “having an answer” but instead I hope to help us by asking “Is this the best faith question to be asking, or is there another faith question that might also be even more helpful?

I look forward to hearing from you as a fellow struggler, for I too am seeking to know, love and rejoice in God more and more- in mountaintop experiences, in valley times, and even in seasons in the wilderness…

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