The Water Is Wonderful!

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What a wonderful beginning!  As we leaped off the safe dry land into uncharted waters, we were challenged to sink or swim.  And, swimming is exactly what we have been and still are doing, I’m happy to say.  God is so good!  There were a few naysayers, there were people not quite skeptical, but certainly doubtful that we could take such a bold leap with our congregation and survive, and there were a few others on the fence.  But, God has blessed our efforts and commitment to step out in faith and bring our congregation together as one body in Christ as He has always intended for us to do.  Hallelujah!  Selah…

We have learned to learn as we go, to be flexible, to be willing to compromise on our own personal preferences, to be compassionate to others in learning what their comforts and discomforts are, and we have learned that the differences that we have in language and culture are not things that will divide us, but instead things that will make us not only more diverse, but an even better representation of God’s image in each and every one of us.  We have worked hard to focus on the one and only thing that truly matters in our worship, to honor and glorify our Father in every language, every culture, and every way possible.  That might seem like a no-brainer to some.  But, the truth is, the majority of us are accustomed to worship settings that are filled with people who look, act, live and speak exactly like us.  What a blessing it is to have pushed through that barrier with the help of The Holy Spirit leading us the entire way.

Has it been a lot of work?  Yes!!!  So many translations to be done, new music to teach one another, new traditions to include.  But, has it been worth it?  Oh, yes!!!!  Yes, and yes, again.  Our praise team is blossoming since we combined.  Our families are getting to know one another in a more personal way.  Our children are seeing all the parents, side by side, working together to become one, big, beautiful blended family.  And, I have no doubt whatsoever that our community will begin to see that as well.

What an amazing transformation to be a part of and what a blessing it has been to watch it unfold.  Our congregation was willing to take a huge leap of faith, to hold their noses and jump into the deep waters, to trust completely in what God can and will do for those who love and believe in Him.  And, as always, He is doing His part.  His love never fails.


Much Love and Many Blessings,

Rev. Lisa Leigh Miller

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